Labor and union law

We offer specialized services in all practices of labor and union law, focused on tailored service to each and every of our clients.


We act in the defense of our clients’ interests throughout the country within the juridical and administrative spheres, in any sort of individual or class actions, administrative proceedings with the Labor Ministry, civil inquiry and/or preparatory proceedings before the Public Ministry of Labor, including:

  • Legal Counselling to manage portfolios with large amounts of suits;
  • Elaboration of tailored reports to keep track and to manage suits for each client;
  • Drafting all and any sort of necessary juridical and administrative measures;
  • Full Counselling to determine strategies and preparation of defenses in Class Actions, Compliance Actions and Public Civil Actions.

Compliance and Advisory Practice

We act to orientate our clients to follow labor obligations, be it for the prevention of risk or in the identification and mitigation of labor liabilities, such as:

  • Elaboration of legal opinions;
  • Analyses of ordinary and special labor contracts and of service renderers;
  • Participation in regular labor audits and due diligence;
  • Drafting of special labor contracts, including for senior executives;
  • Juridical elaboration, overview and analyses of earnings policies and benefits;
  • Overview of documents and contracts under the best practices and compliance.

Union and Class Practice

  • In this field we act in class actions with and before Unions, Labor Committees, Labor Ministry upon:
  • Orientation on what refers to negotiation strategy;
  • Participation in meetings, including round table discussions with labor representatives;
  • Elaboration, review and juridical analyses of Labor Class Conventions and Labor Collective Agreements;
  • Elaboration, review and counselling of Class Agreements for the Profits and Result sharing;
  • Consulting and orientation in the management of crises at the work place, mainly in strike situations.