Taxation law


We act in defense of the interests of our clients throughout the country within the juridical and administrative spheres, in any sort of suit with taxation nature, which comprehends:

  • Juridical management of portfolio with large volume of suits;
  • Strategy and practice definition in complex and model cases;
  • Practice in the higher courts such as the Supreme Court and the Superior Court (STF e STJ);
  • Elaboration of tailored reports to keep track and to manage suits for each client; and
  • Issuing of legal opinions intended to strategic orientation before, during and after disputes.

Counselling and preventive practice

We orientate our clients to comply with taxation obligations, in the prevention of risks, in the identification and mitigation of existent tax liabilities, through:

  • Preparation and execution of taxation planning;
  • Issuing of legal opinions;
  • Analyses of fiscal and taxation practices; and
  • Participation in normal auditing processes and due diligence.